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In the Countryside (29/08/08) Epic
A whopping 7.25hr, 50 mile cycle ride. Following the Suffolk Coastal Route, I went through Waldringfield, Newbourne, Kirton, Trimley St Martin, Felixstowe, across to Bawdsey via a short Ferry ride, Alderton, Hollesley, Butley, Chillesford, Tunstall Forest, Orford, Iken, Snape, Blaxhall, Tunstall, Campsey Ashe, Wickham Market, Ufford, Melton, Woodbridge and Old Martlesham.

Legs packed in at Tunstall, but after a generous 30min lunch break I managed to make the last 20 miles, just not in record time! A nice pub dinner rounded off a long day...
1. River Deben
2. BT!
3. The 'Short Cut'...
4. Bawdsey Bay in Sight!
5. On the Felixstowe Ferry 1
6. On the Felixstowe Ferry 2
7. Looking Back
8. Hollesley Water Tower
9. It will take too long to explain this!
10. Memories Remain
11. Time for a Shower!
12. Butley Mills
13. Tunstall House
14. Tunstall Forest
15. Orford Castle 1
16. Orford Castle 2
17. Pagondas
18. Orford Church
19. Brain Scorchers! No wait it's BBC Worldwide Radio...
20. Pretty River, somewhere...
21. A Very, Very Long Road
22. The View From Iken
23. A Pretty House
24. That White Dome is Sizewell 5miles Away!
25. The Long Reach 1
26. The Long Reach 2
27. Snape Maltings 1
28. The Crossroads
29. Snape Maltings 2
30. Time to Leave the Route
31. Rendelsham + RAF Bentwaters
32. A House!
33. Campsey Ashe Church
34. Wickam Market Rail Underpass
35. Ashe Abbey
36. A12 to Work!
37. Powerlines to Home
38. Ufford Church
39. Time for a Rest
40. Melton Church
41. Another Church!
42. Woodbridge Railway (+Devon Toffee Ice Cream!)
43. Sandy Lane, Railway and Dangerous Tractor Transport
44. Martlesham Creek
45. Martlesham Church
46. Curve House
47. Where it all Began, 7hrs ago

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