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Glee Season 6 - Or 'How to Screw Up Your Series'

Posted 20-01-2015 at 12:00 PM by Acelister

I've got no other avenue to vent this, so here it is. Spoiler-filled rant follows.

I've been watching Glee since about the mid-season finale of the first season. I've always enjoyed musicals and was curious, so when E4 showed the first two episodes back-to-back I went and downloaded the rest almost as soon as the credits hit.

I've watched and enjoyed for the most part, though main character Rachel Berry has been getting more and more annoying. There's only so often a character can make everything about them, before they come across as a self-obsessed arsehole.

So in Season 4 - Rachel and several classmates left to go to New York. They introduced some new kids into Glee Club while the remaining now-seniors finished their time at high school. The season ended with new-kid Ryder about to quit Glee Club because one of the others had Catfish'd him.

Unfortunately the actor who played male-lead Finn had an accidental heroin overdose shortly before filming for Season 5 was due to begin, which set back production a couple of months. He and the actress who played Rachel were engaged, which is what brought about the decision to finish Glee with Season 6.

So in Season 5 everyone got their hearts desire - except for Finn being dead and all - with the older cast all moving to New York and Rachel realising her dream of being in a Broadway production of Funny Girl. She became the lead and it was very successful with nightly sold-out shows - so of course she decided to jump at the chance to appear on TV in her own sitcom.

That's where it ended - pledges of neverending friendships, loves that would never die and Glee Club being dismantled back home.

So, everyone except the new kids got their dreams fulfilled, because Sue Sylvester destroyed Glee and got rid of Will Schuester to another school - so even the villain got her happy ending.

Season 6 opens with Rachel having failed to do the single episode of her show successfully. She returns home to Ohio some months later (after the break between seasons, obviously), to find all of the above, with all of the new kids having been sent to other schools. So her first duty is to deus ex machina the Glee Club back in place of Sue's new computer room.

Then the characters start to piss me off.

Rachel laments that she was unable to break into television and wishes she could fulfil her dreams of Broadway. She GAVE UP Broadway to GO INTO TV. She HAD her dreams of Broadway - she is literally the reason she is not on Broadway.

The long-time gay couple broke up and both left New York, going back to Ohio. Kurt complains constantly that he misses Blaine, despite having broken up with him for the twentieth time, this time weeks before their wedding. Because they were 'too young'. And yet Blaine moved on and has just moved IN with his new boyfriend.

Coupling with the above point, Rachel states that Blaine is "much too old" to be singing and dancing with his old choir group, the Warblers. He graduated high school barely a year ago. That means she thinks he was too old while he was STILL IN THE GROUP.

Will Schuester's wife gave birth near the end of the last season, yet Will now appears to be a single parent. No sign of his wife, no MENTION of her in fact, nor did he set her a place at the dinner table.

There are new characters introduced, for the All-New Glee Club. And this is going to be half a season. And 95% of all three episodes so far has been dedicated to the original Glee kids. Hopefully the New Kids have paying work, rather than be actually written back into the show.

Sue's best friend Becky has cerebral palsy and she has been in the show often, as she was a student at the school. Sue treated her like an equal and as capable as any of the other cheerleaders. Probably more so. And yet when Becky gets a boyfriend on her own merits, Sue overreacts and tries to castrate the guy. Because HOW DARE someone with CP date a guy who doesn't look like a monster and doesn't try to take advantage of them. At least on this point, the show took notice and the guy brought up the fact that it was messed up to think Becky wouldn't want to date just because she has CP.

Apart from the fact that Puckerman inexplicably didn't say a single word in the last episode, I can't think of anything else right now. I'm just hoping we get more singing from All-New kid with glasses, he's got a great voice.
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