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FFXIV Leatherworker Gil Making Guide

Posted 08-09-2021 at 07:43 AM by Jannick
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How you can earn more gil as a tanner is very similar to how you can earn more gil as a weaver. Lederer process hide and leather into leather, which can be used to make amulets, field equipment and many other items. Many crafts require leather, so you will be able to offer it to other craftsmen and provide equipment for war, magic, and country disciples. However, unlike other artisans, your synergy with cheap materials is mainly achieved through combat. Raising monsters as a student of war or magic will give you the skins you need, but some of them are hidden behind tomestones obtained from combat content or notes obtained from handover crafting. By the way, here's everything we know about how to make more gil as a leatherworker in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to earn more gil as a leather worker in Final Fantasy XIV

The best way to earn more ffxiv gil for sale as a Lederer in Final Fantasy XIV is to grow your own materials to avoid high prices and to equip disciples of hand, lands, magic and war after each patch cycle. Please see below for more detailed instructions.

While it's easy to buy just 300 skins on the marketplace and get started, it's far more profitable if you do it yourself. Make sure your combat class is wearing the best possible equipment. If you're not ready for combat content just yet, we personally recommend crafting or purchasing only the highest NQ gear available and adding a minimum of materia. While you won't be able to impress people in raids, you will be able to farm effectively to get the skins, furs, etc. you need.

If the materials you need are behind a wall of tomestone or hand-made paper, you'll need to mix them together as well. For tomestone farming you should use your roulette wheel, especially the roulette wheels for level 50/60/70 and 80 dungeons. Usually the crafting materials come from the second highest tomestone. In the current patch (5.58), this is Allegory, which has a large amount of crafting materials that can only be obtained through this trade, and will give you 220 allegory per day if you do the above roulette. For making paper money, we recommend doing custom delivery tasks once a week as they will deliver the highest amount with the least amount of effort. to get the highest amount. If you really want to take notes, create a macro that will always be HQ no matter what you want (that shouldn't be too difficult) and do as many upsets as your brain and bank can handle.

Do your best to get something on days one through five, as the wealthier players have already given in more gil by this point as they want to tweak their raid or group before someone else does. If the patch cycle continues, you should ditch the combat gear a bit and move on to collecting / crafting so you can get more cash there. At the end of the day, you'll want to start creating timeless pieces of glamor. Since they are always needed, they can be good business for you, especially if you've put together a treasure map group. Please note that the longer the patch is released, the more the price will drop.

That's because everyone is better e
quipped and able to collect materials / artifacts that they couldn't get at the beginning of the patch cycle. Your goal is to make as much as possible just before the release date and then move on to other crafting professions over time to find items that are out of stock and stock them up for a sizeable profit. Don't limit yourself to selling a single item or you'll end up burned.

Farming materials and following the patch cycle should be the start of your journey as a leather artisan in Gil. Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PS4 and PS5.
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