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General Rules
GameOn Networking Ltd is a company, not only do we organize LAN party events but we have many side lines and therefore ask for no commercial advertising at all.There is a difference from suggesting where someone can buy something (replying to a post) to just a web plug in a new post. Please try not to offend other users, remember we have many members from different ages, sexes, races and religions.

We do not allow blatant advertising on the forums. People get enough of this in their mail boxes and the users and ourselves do not want it on the forums.

We do not condone warez in any shape or form Do not ask Where to get hold of any type of warez CD keys CD Cracks

People do use bad language in todayís society but keep it real and donít use excessively if at all.

You have to remember that itís not only the male gender that plays games so sexist remarks may offend.

Pornography, nudity, naked images or adult content
This wonít be tolerated as some users will be offended and more importantly many are under 18.

Racism & Nazism
Propagating racism or Nazism, or racist material will not be tolerated. Your actions may insult and offend people form other back grounds.

Image Sizes
We have to remember that not everyone is on broadband, there are still plenty on 56kers and ISDN with them in mind we have set some image rules.

Image Uploadís (in posts)
200kb per file Please try and keep the size down for the non broadband users. (You may upload multiple files at once as long as each file isnít over 200kb)

40kb 150x150 Pixels You may upload or link to an image for you avatar (image next to your name in a post) but the size must NOT be more than stated.

50kb 600x100 Pixels 300 Characters (this includes url links) 6 Lines of text (default font size) (this includes the sizes of images).

GameOn Staff, Moderators, Forum Volunteers and Admins have the right to remove or edit any posts or profile they see fit to change with out notice.

All times are GMT +1. The time now is 03:04 PM.

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