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monger 16-02-2010 07:05 PM

Shared media with XB360
Anyone able to offer me some advice?

I can add files to my WMP library that are stored locally in, say, c:\Videos and then view them fine on the xbox

If I add a folder on my external USB harddrive, say, f:\Videos2, I can see the videos in Windows Media Player and play them fine, however the files do not appear on the xbox 360. It's like the wmp network share thing doesnt read files not stored on my hard drive

Anyone had a similar problem? Anything else I could do ? Perhaps a little trick to make it so WMP doesnt realise it is sharing from a removable drive?

TGK 16-02-2010 07:14 PM

Re: Shared media with XB360
I'm having problems with it. The console seems to find and connect to my computer, but when the Media menu comes up, the program won't move.

You can't scroll through the options and when you press Y it comes up with a random text entry to nothing!

djdawsonuk 16-02-2010 10:00 PM

Re: Shared media with XB360
I always found WMP really slow and laggy when browsing files on the Xbox - for example, about 400 albums would take 1-2 minutes to list on the Xbox, using a plugin for Foobar, the albums appear instantly.

Personally, I'd look at other software you can use as a uPnP Media Server for your Xbox, unfortunately - Foobar doesn't do video. I'l have a quick look see if there's something about, I did use TVersity for a while and that worked nicely.

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