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dominoid 26-03-2016 06:39 PM

Website Capitalising Article Titles
I don't think it's always done this, but noticed this afternoon that titles are being automatically capitalised. In other words if I don't capitalise a headline word, it does it for me when I save a draft. This is generally fine, but can we add exceptions?

There are some things that shouldn't take capitalisation as that's how they're supposed to be written. Examples would be tinyBuild, eBay or iOS.

djd4ws0n 28-03-2016 08:20 PM

Re: Website Capitalising Article Titles
Yes - this wasn't actually meant to go live yet, because of the need to create exceptions like you said. Let me revert this now and I'll come up with an alternative!

imscochin 28-07-2022 12:21 PM

Re: Website Capitalising Article Titles
Good information

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