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Milky 27-04-2005 05:09 PM

Requesting / Offering A Lift Quick Guide
Whether you have spaces to offer people, or are looking for a lift, there are several things you need to outline.

This hopefully will be a rough guide of what to put. Obviously, your post is up to you.

Those Offering A Space in a Car (Offering a Lift)

1) Thread Title - Where you are - What LAN you are going to. (E.g Lift Available From Warrington - LAN #61)
2) How many spaces available (person numbers)
3) How much room is there available (for kit etc)
4) Where are you located (this is a must)
5) How far are you willing to travel off route (recommended, but not necessary)
6) Requirements (E.g Need to Leave/Arrive LAN Early/Late)

Once you've got 4 or 5 of them points down, it should start generating some interest.

Those Requiring Space In A Car (Needing A Lift)

1) Thread Title - Where you are - What LAN you are going to. (E.g Lift Required From Warrington - LAN #61)
2) Where are you located
3) How much kit are you bringing (Quick list, e.g. Monitor, Base Unit, 1 Bag)
4) Can you travel to a train station/landmark that is easily reachable (Useful if your lift does not know the area)
5) Can you travel by train closer to a lift (name a couple of stations)
6) Offer an incentive (Such as a tenner for fuel (depending on distance), a beer etc)

Everything will be done to try and organise you a lift to get you to a LAN. It all starts by you posting where you need to come from.


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