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Cool /me wiv Colio

Couldnt agree more Colio! I went to see it again (2nd time) on sunday. Want to see it again, but under the influence of the Shire's finest weed to get the full impact of the film.

My biggest gripe is the same as yours Colio. I understand totally that PJ had to leave stuff out to shorten the film, but why the HELL did he have to change the scenes that he left in??

1) Mines of Moria: Its an orc cheiftain that tries to skewer Frodo, not the Cave Troll (incidentally, why didnt they show Boromir's sword clang off the troll's arm as he does in the book?! That would have been so cool and demonstrated how NAILS that monster was.

2) They changed far too much dialogue - presumably for the sub-intelligent Yank audience. Sh17 like "No-body tosses a Dwarf!" and "Let's hunt some Orc!" were just far too Yankville for my liking.

3) What happened to Glorfindell?! h3 0wN$ jO0 Arwen!

4) (PLOT SPOILER!!!) Erm - wtf is Aragorn gonna do at the beginning of the next film when he has to whip out Aduril FotW to convince the RoR that he is who he says he is?! There was NO mention of it being reforged!

Call me picky, but there u go...

Still a bloody good film

RingMaster (ooer )

Edits: Stoopid censorer took n.o.b. out of n.o.b.ody
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