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Originally Posted by Yaridovich View Post
METROID DREAD! COOL, I only have one Metroid game(NES) But what i have seen of em they're good, I watched Metroid Fusion and the story's GREAT! It's the second most chilling video game story i've seen... with Pokémon: Super Mystery Dungeon being the MOST chilling video game story i've ever seen, I LOVE CHILLING STORIES
Oh yeah I've heard so many good things about Fusion and that it's scary indeed. Metroid II: Return of Samus on the good ole Game Boy was scary too... I think it's really Metroid's standard of making the player feel alone and outnumbered. It's so different from other Nintendo games.

Sadly, I never grew up on any of the Pokemon games I did try Let's Go Pikachu recently but was never able to finish it.

Really??? I never thought Pokemon games could be chilling haha. That got me curious, think I'll try looking up Super Mystery Dungeon on YouTube.
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