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Gaming Computer Characteristics

When you're looking for the best gaming computer, there are a few characteristics you'll want to look for. These features include high-speed memory, excellent audio, and a display with a high brightness level. Depending on your needs, you may also want a processor with four cores.
High-Speed Memory
When comparing the various RAM modules for your PC, you should pay attention to the speed of each. High-speed memory is better for competitive first-person shooter games, which require a high refresh rate. A standard DDR4-3600 MHz kit with Samsung B-Die ICs is best. For best performance, try a kit with timings of 14-15-15.
The higher the DDR RAM, the more memory cycles the CPU can access and store. This results in a more fluid user experience. The higher the DDR memory, the higher the clock frequency. A decent DDR4-3200 kit was high-end only a couple of years ago. Now, however, AMD and Ryzen 5000 systems come with at least 3,600MHz memory. That is the new sweet spot.
Good Audio
Audio is a big part of gaming, so it's important to get the best sound possible from your gaming computer. Even the slightest difference in sound can change the outcome of a battle, and it can make or break your game. Fortunately, there are a few options for good audio on a budget.
Gaming PCs are ideal for music production, as they don't need a dedicated graphics card. Instead, they focus more on RAM. They're also big and powerful, so they can generate a lot of noise. However, when recording audio, this noise can interfere with the quality of your recording.
Good Display Brightness
If you want to get the most out of your gaming experience, you should choose a monitor with good display brightness. Usually, this means setting the brightness between 250 and 300 candelas per square meter. However, it is possible to set the brightness higher or lower as per your preference.
Gaming monitors come with different settings when it comes to brightness and contrast. Although gamers are not overly concerned about these settings, it is important to choose the correct brightness and contrast ratio. This way, you can enjoy the highest quality visuals, even in the darkest scene.
CPU with Four Cores
A CPU with four cores is a great choice for your gaming computer. It will help you play games with large player counts and multi-threaded code. The more cores your CPU has, the faster your computer will be. A CPU with four cores is sufficient for light games on high settings and heavy games on low.
Having more cores on your CPU will make it faster for multi-tasking. Multi-tasking jobs require more processing power, especially if you're running many programs at once. A CPU with four cores will be much faster than a single-core processor.
Big Chassis
A big gaming computer has several characteristics that distinguish it from smaller models. These characteristics include height, power, and cooling. Big chassis models are generally much larger than the smaller ones, which are often more compact. Moreover, they come with more mounting brackets than smaller models. This allows them to accommodate standard ATX motherboards as well as extended ATX and micro ATX boards.
Good Cooling
Proper cooling is crucial to a gaming PC's health. The CPU is the heart of a computer, and it produces a lot of heat when performing all the computer's instructions. The more air moving over the CPU, the less hot it will become. Proper cooling will keep your PC running at its best and prevent it from malfunctioning.
During intensive gaming, video editing, and other intensive tasks, the processor can become overheated. When temperatures go too high, thermal sensors detect this and throttle the processor's speed to cool it. This throttling can reduce FPS. To avoid this, get a better cooling system. You can add more fans to increase air intake, but remember to keep the fan speed in check.
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Re: Gaming Computer Characteristics

I spent my much of time in playing games.
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Re: Gaming Computer Characteristics

i like to play too
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